SDB Popularity Ranking: 19811

Last name: MacAdie

SDB Popularity ranking: 19811

Recorded in many forms including Macadie, Maccadie, Maccaddy, Macchaddy, Maccaddie (Scotland), and McGetty, McGeady, McCadie, McKedy (Ireland), and no doubt others, this is a surname of Gaelic and mainly Scottish origins. It derives from the ancient name MacAdaidh, itself from the pre 10th century personal name and sometimes surname, Adie. The surname is first recorded as early as the year 1232, when Gillemechel M'Adeand his son Cearmec appeared in annals of the period relative to the district known as Strathardle in the Highlands of Scotland. It seems they were granted lands there known as Dolys Mychel, and they may have held thse for several centuries. By ancient Highland customs, the Fergusons of Balamacruchie a branch of the Clan Ferguson, were also known as the McAdies, and this continued even after they left the area and settled in the Vale of Atholl. These MacAdie Fergusons were it seems also known by the short form of Clan Aid, this appearing in early manuscripts dated 1467. Other early recordings include John MacChaddy of Fearn in 1596, whilst in Ireland Henry McKedy is recorded at the First Presbyterian Church, Belfast, on March 31st 1776. Over the next century further developments of the spelling include a recording such as that of John McGeady, who married Anne McFadden at Crossroads, County Donegal, on July 2nd 1864.

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