SDB Popularity Ranking: 35955

Last name: MacGettigen

SDB Popularity ranking: 35955

Recorded as MacGettigan, McGettigan, and McEttigan, this is an Irish surname of confused origins. It may originate from a Norse-Viking personal name of the pre 9th century, although no definitive link has been established except that the Vikings did control most of northern Ireland as far south as Dublin for several centuries. A more likely explanation is that its origins are Welsh and a Gaelic form of the early personal name Gethin, meaning swarthy. If so it may well have been introduced into Ireland at the time of the conquest of the country by Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke in 1170. Furthermore the Welsh or Olde English were swarthy and dark skinned, although arguably so were the native Irish! It is all very confusing. What is certain is that in Gaelic the name was correctly Mac or Mag Eiteagain, although in the Middle Ages the O' prefix was also used as shown below. The first recordings were said to be in County Tyrone although by the 16th century most nameholders were firmly established in County Donegal where they remain today. Various members of the clan were prominent churchmen and known holders of high office include William O' Etigen, given as being the bishop of Elphin in 1444, and Tomas O' hEidigein, the dean of Elphin in 1487, whilst Partrick MacGettigen was the Archbishop of Armagh from 1870 to 1877. Possibly the first name holder was Diamid Mac Eitigen, given as being chief of the Clan Diarmada of Clondermot, County Derry, in circa 1192

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