SDB Popularity Ranking: 36537

Last name: MacKettrick

SDB Popularity ranking: 36537

Recorded in several forms including MacKettrick, MacEtterick, MacKetrick, MacKitterick, MacKittrick and the short forms commencing 'Mc', this is an early Scottish and Gaelic surname. It originates from the south west of Scotland and specifically Galloway, and it is claimed that the name has pre 9th century Norse-Viking antecedents. It derives from the Norse word 'sitric' from the original 'Sigtryggr' meaning true-victory, a translation which no doubt aided its popularity. The Dictionary of Scottish Surnames suggests that the personal name may have been brought first to Ulster in Ireland, and then across the sea to Scotland about the year 890 a.d. The first known surviving recording is that of 'Sitriucc, the son of Imhar' however this name holder did not last long being killed in about 895, by some of his own men! Perhaps the earliest recognizeable recording as a surname is that of John M'Kethirryke in 1376. He became the tenant of the 'villa de Pestoun' in Ayreshire, whilst John M'Kittrick of Kircudbright is recorded in the Assize Register of 1460, whilst Thomas Maketrick held a charter on the lands of Kelauch in 1476. Amongst the many recordings relative to the surname is the interesting one of Patrick Makketrig of Galloway. In 1529 he was charged with 'tresonable intercommonyng with Inglishmen.' This is a situation that may well apply again in the future!

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