SDB Popularity Ranking: 5552

Last name: Mantz

SDB Popularity ranking: 5552

Recorded in many spellings including Manz, Mantze, Manze, Manntz, Mann, Mannz, and the diminutives Manzel and Mantzell, and Mantzell, and the prejorative Manzler, this is a Austrian, German and Swiss surname, of great antiquity. It is the 'father' of many modern surnames and occupations, since specifically it originally described a 'manager', one who was in charge of men. That it was a status name is shown by the first known recording being that of Manze von Hornstein in the years 1298 and 1305, whilst Manto von Pflegelberg appears in the charters of 1332, and Herman dictus Manzellin in 1339. Although strictly speaking these were probably not hereditary surnames as we know them today, shortly afterwards in 1360 we have the recording of Rudolf Mancz of Winterlingen, which certainly was. Occupational surnames became herediary when the son followed the father into the same line of business, although in this case we have some confusion because the name may also have been locational, in that early name holders also held land in their name, a coat of arms (date unknown) being granted to the Counts Manz of Bavaria.

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