SDB Popularity Ranking: 16145

Last name: Marklund

SDB Popularity ranking: 16145

This is a very confusing surname. It is associated with five separate countries, has much the same origins, often the same spellings, but not necessarily the same meaning. In England it is usually found as Markland, sometimes as Marklin, Marklane and Marland, and on rare occasions Marklund, whilst as Marklin, Marklund (and Lundmark) is generally Scandanavian (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden), and as Marklin, Merkel and Merkele usually German. The earliest hereditary recording is probably that of Haintz Marklin of Hundersingen, Germany, in 1392, whilst in England Matthew Markland appears in the early registers of Wigan, Lancashire, in 1561. The Scandanavian countries hardly bothered with recording hereditary surnames at all before the 19th century, and even as late as 1900 itself, keeping to family patronymics such as Andersson & Johansson. We believe the origination of Markland/Marklund/etc is from the pre 7th century Anglo-Saxon and Norse words 'mearc' generally taken to mean a boundary marker - and 'lanu', a road or lane. As a post medieval surname, it was locational, and given to people who moved from their original homes for whatever reason. When they finally settled they were called by their new neighbours after the place, from where they originated as easy identification. Writing being non existent except for clerics - and local accents very 'thick', - lead to the creation of 'sounds like' spellings. From about 1780 - to create diversity - but above all to make personal taxation easier - the various German and Scandanavian governments encouraged the creation of what is still known today as 'ornamental' surnames. These were 'double-barrelled' and used pleasant words from nature but with no obvious association. Amongst those so listed as ornamental is Lundmark, but not Marklund. Both spellings are quite rare even in Scandanavia, and since about 1900 have gradually increased in England, and particularly the USA and Canada.

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