SDB Popularity Ranking: 13377

Last name: Mauger

SDB Popularity ranking: 13377

Recorded as Mager, Mauger, Maior, and others, this is a surname of Germanic origins. It was a medieval nickname which derived from the word 'meger' and described a tall, thin, person, or possibly given the robust humour of the 14th century, the complete reverse! Nicknames form a very large group within the European surnames listings, and it is estimated that at least one in seven of all surnames are from this source. It is not entirely clear as to when the first recording took place, but Hainrich dictus Mager of Uberlingen, is so recorded in the charters of that place in the year 1295. Other early examples from surviving rolls and charters of Germanic origins, include Nikolas Magermann recorded in Greifswald in 1320. The similar Hans Magerhermans, in another compound spelling, appears in the charters of Irslingen in 1388, whilst Ulrich Mauger was recorded in the charters of the town of Isny in the year 1473.Over the centuries almost all surnames have continued to develop, often becoming almost unrecognizeable from the original spellings, particularly when transferred by emigration to other countries

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