SDB Popularity Ranking: 28284

Last name: McAndie

SDB Popularity ranking: 28284

Recorded in several spelling forms including MacAndie, McCandie, McAndy, Macandy, Maccandie, M'Kandy, and no doubt others, this is a clan surname of Scottish origins, of which it has two. The first is a derivation of an earlier Highland name MacShanndai, which translates as 'The son of Alexander', although who Alexander was is unclear. It is possible that it may be a reference to perhaps a natural son of one of the various early kings of Scotland of that name, whilst the second origin is pre 7th century Norse-Viking. Here the derivation is from the personal name Andi, which again may be a form of Alexander, although this is claimed not to be the case. Apparently this sept originally known as Clann ic Anndaith is only found of the island of Bernera, in the Sound of Harrris, and now consists of only a very few families. Early examples of the surname recording taken from surviving registers and charters of the post medieval period include: John M'Candwe of Inverness in the year 1556, and John McKande of Morange in 1596. The members of the clan may have been relatively few but they were definately warlike. One of the surviving recordings in this respect is that of Jhone Makcandie. He is given as being 'a supporter' of one Murdow McCloyd, who attacked a galley belonging to the laird of Balcomie in the year 1600.

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