SDB Popularity Ranking: 8565

Last name: McKibben

SDB Popularity ranking: 8565

Recorded in many spelling forms including MacGibbon, McGibbon, MacKibbon, McKibben, McKibbin, and sometimes as Gibbon, Gibben and Gibbin, this can only be described as being a surname of the British Isles. It is a patronymic and when recorded without the Gaelic Mac or Mc may be either of Scottish or English, but with the prefix is either Scottish or Irish. However spelt and from whatever part of the British Isles, the origin is still ultimately French. It derives from the pre 8th century Germanic personal name Gilbert, a name very popular with the Norman-French and carried by many members of the army of Duke William of Normany in the Invasion of England in 1066. In the 12th century a Norman knight called 'Gilbertus' was granted lands in Scotland, and it is probably from him that the later Scottish nameholders descend. The development of the name to the short or nickname form of 'Gib' was one of the medieval developments, and at first it was popularized both as Gibb and Gibson, during the early era of the establisment of surnames. The first known recording of the Gaelic is probably that of Donald McGybsone of Ballemuling, Tiree, in 1455, whilst Donald M'Gybbon was the sherrif to Duncan, lord of Inneryn, in 1511. Thomas Makgibbon who was possibly this first of the McKibbon variants was a minister at Monydie, in 1574. Robert Finlay McGibbon was fined in 1613 for aiding and abetting the outlawed Clan MacGregor. He was lucky to escape a more permanent capital punishment.

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