SDB Popularity Ranking: 26448

Last name: McKimmey

SDB Popularity ranking: 26448

This is a Scottish surname which is also well recorded in Northern Ireland. It derives from the Gaelic "MacShim", and translates as the son of Sim, a short form of Simon. This baptismal name was rarely found in the British Isles before the famous crusades to the Holy land in the 11th and 12th centuries. Thereafter it became very popular for returning soldiers or pilgrims, to call their children by biblical or Greek names, in commemoration of the fathers exploits. This fashion spread so quickly through Europe that within two generations such names as John, Thomas, and Simon, had replaced over half the traditional Gaelic, French, German, and Anglo-Saxon names. Around the 14th century these "invading" names were themselves converted to surnames, at the begining of the surname period. Recorded in the spellings of Mackim, MacKimm, McKim, McKimm, and the double diminutives MacKimmie, Macimmey, Macimmie, etc. the nameholders are part of the clan Fraser, the first nameholders claiming descent from Simon Fraser killed at the battle of Halidon Hill in 1333.. Early examples of the surname recording include Ranald McKym of Cullychmoir, in 1539, and Johannes Mak Kymmy of Murthlac, Scotland, in 1550. The earliest surviving recording of the surname would seem to be that of Ewin Makymme, of Bute, in the year 1506, when he was granted "heritage" by King James 1V of Scotland.

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