SDB Popularity Ranking: 12320

Last name: McLarty

SDB Popularity ranking: 12320

This famous Scottish surname is recorded in several spellings including MacLaverty, MacLafferty, MacLardie, MacLarty, MacLeverty, and in the short forms commencing "Mc". All have the same meaning and origins and derive from the extraordinary Gaelic description "Mac Fhlaithbheartaich" which translates as "The son of the dominion bearer" but more accurately means "The son of the ruler", thus implying that the original nameholder was much more than a clan chief. Whatever the true origin, and it is unlikely that after one thousand years of development further facts will come to light, the nameholders are also supposed to be kinsmen of the famous Clan MacDonald, and specifically the branch known as "The lords of the Isles". This does not seem to accord with the early registers which place the clan in Kirkudbrightshire, and as under tenants to Douglases in the barony of Buittle. Be that as it may the clan has played its part in the development of the history of Scotland, John Maklafferdich in 1524 being cleared of burning the lands of Colonsay, whilst Archie McLartie was a soldier in the army of Scotland in 1627. Other recordings include Roy M'Lorty of the parish of Craiguish in 1686, whilst various places named after the clan include MacLarty's Island and MacLarty's Black Rock. The first known recording of the family name is believed to be that of John M' Claffirdy in the charters of the estates of Castle Douglas, in the year 1376.

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