SDB Popularity Ranking: 41938

Last name: McVity

SDB Popularity ranking: 41938

Recorded in many forms of which McVitty is probably the most well known but including MacVitie, MacVittie, MacVittae, MacVity, MacVeighty, MacWittie, and in the short forms commcening "Mc", this is a famous Scottish surname, which is also well recorded in Ireland. It is said to have developed in the the Scottish counties of Galloway and Ayr, and these are areas which traditionally have the very close associations with Ireland as well as being only twelve miles away at the nearest point. It has been claimed although without conclusive proof, that the origin is the ancient pre 12th century Gaelic word "bhiadh". This may be a form of the original French word "vitaille" and the even older Latin "victualis", and as such it would have been occupational for a merchant, one who supplied "victuals" or provisions. The word is rarely used today except in the various navies, who still "victual" their ships. The fact that this surname is also world famous for making biscuits is surely only coincidence. Early examples of the surname recordings include :Thomas M'Vcthee a witness in Galloway in 1566, William McVite of Hawick in 1627, and William McViety, the son of Thomas McVeighty, christened at Ballyshanon, County Donegal, on May 1st 1866. William McVite of Hawick appears in the records as being without work and "only fit for the wars" whilst Wiilliam McVittie of Hartbush, Scotland, was charged in 1686, with attending "conventicles".

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