SDB Popularity Ranking: 14952

Last name: Mogra

SDB Popularity ranking: 14952

Apparently recorded as Magra, Mogra, Mogre, and Mogret, according to the surname list of Europe, there seem to be at least three possible origins for this unusual surname. It is our opinion that without knowing any of the genealogical background of the nameholders, that the name is either of Irish or Indian sub continent origins. If the former then it is one of the literally dozens of variant s pellings of the famous surname McGraw, itself a developed spelling of McGrath. The second possibility from the Indian sub continent is as a variant of Moghul or Mughal, a tribal name originally of Turkish origins, whilst the third possibility is French and probably from the original Mogre or Mogret, diminutive forms of the female name Margaret, so popular in the medieval times. John Hewish Mogre was recorded in the city of London in the year 1816, and he is believed to have been a descendant of Huguenot protestant refugees of the early 18th century. In Ireland we have the recording of Rachel Magra, the daughter of David Magra, who was christened at Magheralin in County Down, on June 17th 1820. The third and most recent introduction in England may be from the Indian sub-continent, but we have no recordings from this source.

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