SDB Popularity Ranking: 37437

Last name: Mordacai

SDB Popularity ranking: 37437

Recorded as both Mordacai and Mordecai, this was originally a personal name, becoming much later, a surname. However spelt it is of ancient Hebrew origins, and although once thought to have some Breton-Celtic-Welsh ancestry, this is is almost certainly not the case. The origin is believed to be from the very beginings of written history. The translations are varied and include as 'taught by god' or possibly 'taught of god', whilst another alternative origin which may give some clue to the ultimate ancestry is that of 'the follower of Marduk'. He is given as being the founder of the original state of Babylon in the fourth millenium before Christ. From this it can be seen that this may well be one of the most ancient, if indeed not THE most ancient name, that it is possible to have. Early examples of the surname recording are not easy to find, but in 1834 in the then region of Palestine and part of the Turkish Empire, and in the year 1834 we have the entry of Shumad Moracair. He was given as being the son of Helel and Hanah Mordacai, and born in the town of Jiljiliyah, in Judea, in that year.

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