SDB Popularity Ranking: 37891

Last name: Muggach

SDB Popularity ranking: 37891

Recorded in the spellings of Margach, Moggach, Moygach, Muggach and Muggoch, this is a surname of the far north east of Scotland, and specifically Banffshire and Morayshire. It derives from the Ancient pre 10th century Gaelic "mugach" which translates as surly or uncooperative, and certainly the first known holders of the name as shown below seem to have been rebellious and very uncooperative! Most Gaelic surnames were originally nicknames, and as such given to the first chief. However given the sense of humour of the late medieval period it is quite possible that the name may have a reverse translation, or some meaning which is now hidden from the 20th century. What is known about the "family" is that at one time they were in big trouble with the Scottish government. In 1641 the first known nameholders James Mougache and Patrik Mougache of Knockan, Banffshire, were heavily fined and were threatened with permanent exile, for providing restitution for members of the outlawed Clan MacGregor. The Clan MacGregor was outlawed in the year 1606 and not reinstated until 1780. Today, thanks mainly to Holywood and the tourist industry, the MacGregors are regarded as heroes, although in Scotland in the mid 17th century this was certainly not the universal opinion. Most people outside of the Highlands, considered them dangerous outlaws and no better than bandits, and were fully in support of the government. Be that as it may the nameholders were regularly recorded after this date, and examples include Alexander Muggach of Grant, Banffshire, in 1691, and William Margach of Rothes, Morayshire, in 1799.

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