SDB Popularity Ranking: 1115

Last name: O'Loughlin

SDB Popularity ranking: 1115

Recorded as O' Loughlin, O' Loghlen, O' Lochlan, Loughlen, Loughlin, Lochlan, Loftus and others, this is an Irish surname. Although confused with Mac Loughlin, in fact it is totally separate. The O' Loughlin clan originates from County Clare, and it is understood are still very strong in that county today. A Dalcassian clan they were the most powerful of those on the shores of the west coast of Ireland above Galway Bay. Their epicentre was the barony of Burren and their chief was known as Lord Corcomroe and styled O' Loughlin Burren. Later after about 1585, the chief moved to a place and castle called Craggans, and we understand that that place remains the heart of the clan. The name first achieved considerable fame in the 13th century with Conghalach O' Loughlin. he was the bishop of the see of Corcomroe between 1281 and 1300, although this was later renamed Kilfenora. Some five hundred years later in the 19th century the name again achieved considerable fame this time through firstly Sir Michael O' Loghlen (1789 - 1842). He became the Master of the Rolls, but remained a supporter of Daniel O' Connell in his search for Irish Independance, whilst his eldest son Sir Colman O' Loghlen (1819 - 1877) was the MP for County Clare, and his younger son Sir Bryan O' Loghlen (1825 - 1905) emigrated to Australia where he became Prime Minister of Victoria.

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