SDB Popularity Ranking: 18913

Last name: Odgaard

SDB Popularity ranking: 18913

This is a Scandanavian surname, of some antiquity, at least in its origins. It almost certainly derives from the Viking pre 6th century a.d. personal name "Odgear", the modern Edgar, and comprising the elements "ead" meaning prosperity, and "gar" - a spear. Given the warlike propensities of the Vikings for over five hundred years, during the period of history known as "The Dark Ages", prosperity obtained by use of a spear, may not seem an unusual choice for a baptismal name! It is not generally realised that the Vikings were not exclusively seamen, they were equally proficient at land war. During the years from about 550 a.d. to 1000 a.d. they not only conquered Ireland and most of England, but they marched down through Germany and the Low Countries across Northern France, to what for the last thousand years has been Normandy, the lands of the Norsemen.This name went with them, and whilst in Scandanavia it is recorded as Agaard and Odgaard, in other parts of Europe it is now Eagar, Egarr, Augier, and many other forms. An example of the name recording taken from church registers in Norway is that of Ole Lauritis Odegaard, who married Elise Palmstom, at Arendal, on February 23rd 1866.

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