SDB Popularity Ranking: 13984

Last name: Orgee

SDB Popularity ranking: 13984

Recorded in several forms including Orgy, Orgye and Orgee, as well as Ergas and Orgas, this is a very interesting surname which is probably English in origin. Apparently first recorded in 1626, when Nicholas Orgy, the son of Richard and Jane Orgy was christened at the famous church of St Martins in the Field, Westminster, it is clearly much older than that, and almost certainly a variant form of something else. Possibly sadly, according to a reader's opinions, the surname has almost certainly has nothing whatsoever to do with giving bachanalian parties. It is probably locational, and may be a variant of the French surnames Orgier, Origier and Origet, which themselves are derivations of the original D'Orfroi. However the surviving known recordings do not suggest any French influence, although the first recording date would seem to tie in nicely with the arrival of the Huguenot (protestant) refugees. The British gazetters do not offer any obvious candidates, unless it be the village of Ogarswick in Kent. In the 17th century and earlier, it was standard practice to shorten surnames, particularly those difficult to spell, and this name, if it was originally Orgarswick, would be a likely candidate. Early recordings include Elizabeth Orgye who married Ralf Ayres at the church of St Mary-le-Bone, London, on October 10th 184, and James Orgee, who married Frances Hodges, at St James church, Westminster, on June 12th 1797.

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