SDB Popularity Ranking: 23467

Last name: Paladini

SDB Popularity ranking: 23467

Recorded in several forms including Paladini, Paladino, Palladino, Palatino, Palatini, and Pallatina, this is a surname of truly ancient origins. It dates back to the time of the original foundation of the Roman Empire although it is probable that its much later development as a surname owes much to the fame of the great Gallic and French Emperor Charlemagne in the 9th century a.d., One of his famous inner circle of twelve peers and knights was Paladine, regarded as being the knight with the greatest honour. The original derivation of the name is from the Latin word "palatinus" meaning an imperial official. Given this sort of background it is hardly surprising that this surname is one which is regarded as representing great honour. The dictionary of Italian surnames suggests that it is one of a group which are known as "Military", and as it rather picturesquely describes them taken "...from the art of war". These names include Gurerro meaning warrior, Campione, the champion, Cavaliere, a knight on horseback, or Lanzioni, a German mercenary soldier. The coat of arms as shown in "Riestapt's Armourial General" has the blazon of a gold field charged with three blue bends, thereon gold stars.

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