SDB Popularity Ranking: 15801

Last name: Proven

SDB Popularity ranking: 15801

Recorded as Provan, Proven, Provin, Provand, Provant and probably others, this is a surname of ancient Scottish origins. It is locational from an estate known as "The lands of Provan", which in pre medieval times was owned by the church of Scotland and specifically the canons of Glasgow Cathedral. It would seem that the surname has always been popular in the Ayrshire-Lanark region. In its original form it was known as de Prebenda, with Richard de Prebenda being clerk to King Wlliam of Scotland, known as The Lion, in about the year 1100 to 1120, and he was followed by Adam de Prebenda in 1268. The surname as de Prebenda continued for several centuries however in about 1400 it was changed to Provand, this being the vernacular form. The first recorded holder being Stephen Provand who in 1485 had some responsibility for the burning of the town of Dunblane, but for reasons unexplained in the charters of the time, would seem to have avoided punishment. The name holders continued to enjoy status in Scotland with Sir Robert Provan being the vicar of Strathblane in 1549, and John Proven being a barber burgess of Glasgow in 1723.

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