SDB Popularity Ranking: 12498

Last name: Purdom

SDB Popularity ranking: 12498

Recorded in many ways, this is an ancient Scottish surname, although strictly speaking the origination is Anglo-French. It is or rather was a nickname, from the phrase 'Prudhomme' literally 'proud man' of which the English name forms are Proudham, Prodham and Prudom, as well as the 'Border' spellings of Prudholm, Purdholm and Purdon. The surname in any spelling was first recorded in 1373 when Willelmus Prodomme of Scotland, given as being a merchant, was granted safe conduct into England. Other later recordings include: John de Purdome who held lands in the city of Glasgow in 1476, whilst James Purdone ran into trouble and was sued for unlawfully occupying lands in Middlebie, Dumfriesshire, in 1478. Despite his problems this may have been the nameholder who developed the hamlet of Purdomston in the same parish. Another interesting recording was that of Andrew Purdon who was a burgess freeman of Glasgow in the year 1609. This was a double edged honour, as it required the nameholder to be prepared to serve with the local militia if required. Failure to do meant loss of the freemanship, and full payment of all rates and taxes.

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