SDB Popularity Ranking: 22668

Last name: Querrard

SDB Popularity ranking: 22668

Recorded as Quer, Querre, Querol, Quero, Queralt, Querard, Querrard, Querret, and other localised forms, this is a surname which is probably of Basque - Catalan (Pre Roman) origins, in modern parlance Spanish and French. It derives from the word ''quer'' meaning a rock, and therefore arguably is locational from the various places which have ''quer'' as part of the spelling. As however most of these appear to be in other parts of Europe, an alternative suggestion is that the name may also have been personal. If so it was probably given either as a medieval nickname for a ''hard man'', or more likely as baptismal name for a male child - one who it was hoped by the proud parents - would grow up to represent the name. Particularly between the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century a.d. and the medieval period starting about the year 1000, much of Europe was in continuous chaos with little rule of law, and (personal) names, there were no recognizeable surnames until the 10th century, were often used to express positive hope for the future. In this case assuming that the surname spellings follow the normal European pattern, the suffix endings indicate either a patronymic (son of), or a diminutive (little), or a prejorative. On that basis Querard/Querrard as an example, may literally mean ''rock-hard''. Early examples of recordings taken at random from qualifying countries include Thomas Querad, given as being a French Huguenot refugee, at Threadneedle Street church, city of London, on November 3rd 1687, Jeanne Querau, at Charente, Lessac, France, on February 24th 1743, and Francois Quero, at Cotes-du-Nord, France, on May 18th 1807. It should be noted that relatively few recordings of births, deaths & marriages in Europe have any accuracy before the Napoleonic Period, 1795 - 1815. The exceptions are Great Britain excluding Ireland, and much of Germany.

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