SDB Popularity Ranking: 13730

Last name: Rabjohn

SDB Popularity ranking: 13730

Recorded in a number of spellings including Rabjohn, Rabjohns, Robjant, Robjohn, Robjohns and even Robjents, this most unusual and interesting surname is English, but in some cases at least, of French origins. If the latter it appears to derive from the French Robecon or Robichon, early double diminutive surnames which derive from Rob, a short or nickname spelling for the famous pre 8th century name Robert, with the diminutive suffix 'ec' and 'on', to give a meaning of 'the son of the son of Rob(ert)'. Given the uncertainty of early and sometimes later spelling, we have what appears to be a very early recording of the surname in that of William Robeganse of Cambridge in the Hundred Rolls of 1279. However there may well be a second and seemingly wholly English origin as a locational name. It would seem that there is, or was, a place called Robjohns in the village of Finchingfield in the county of Essex. This place name was apparently a fused name taken from two land owning brothers called Robert and Simon, recorded in the charters of the county between the years 1285 and 1306. We have been able to identify a number of recordings in this county, which would suggest that many name holders are from this source. These early recordings include Georgius Robgent of Bocking in 1595, and John Robjent of Prittlewell in 1775.

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