SDB Popularity Ranking: 8259

Last name: Rocco

SDB Popularity ranking: 8259

This is one of Italy's most famous surnames. Recorded in many forms including Di Rocca, Delle Rocca, La Rocca, Di Rocco, Rocca, Rocco and Roccella, it is both locational and topographical. In other words it may originate from any of the various places called Rocca in Italy, or from various estates called Rocca, or if topographical can describe a person who lived by a fortress, or a cliff, or even on a rock! In that respect it is exactly the same as the surnames Forte, Castri and Torre, although as can be seen all these names may have different meaning in different parts of the country! Until 1860 and from the time of the fall of the Roman Empire in the 6th century a.d., Italy was simply a loose federations of states, which other countries in Europe used as a convenient battle ground. Not surprisingly central records barely existed, which has meant that in general few examples of surnames have come down to us over the centuries. However we are luckier with this name and examples of recordings include Angelo Palmantonio La Rocca, at Comparino, Compubasso, on October 27th 1738, Maria di Rocco, at Palombaro, Chieti, on march 18th 1827, and finally Maria Luigia Rocca, who married Giacomo Arrigo, at Poggio, Foggia, on September 25th 1862.

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