SDB Popularity Ranking: 30111

Last name: Rossant

SDB Popularity ranking: 30111

Recorded in many and varied forms including Rous, Roussin, and Rousson (France), Roussont, Rousent, and Rossant (England), this surname is of French origins. In England the surname may well be Huguenot .That is to say that it may have been originally the name of a protestant refugee who arrived seeking a new life safe from the catholic persecution in France. This religious bigotry reared up on a regular basis between 1550 and 1760. The surname is certainly a development of the pre 7th century 'rous' meaning 'red' and was originally given to people with red hair or complexion, an example being Wilekin Rous who was recorded in Lancashire in 1225. To the basic 'Rous' has been added at various times a suffix diminutive of 'in' or 'on' usually meaning 'son of'. The first recording that we have in England is that of Thomas Roussont, the son of John Roussont, christened at the church of St Mary Abechurch, city of London, on December 12th 1563. Other recordings include those of Martha Rousent who married Nicholas Sorell at St Botolps church, Bishopgate, on December 3rd 1767, and Catherine Rossant, who married John Aldridge at St Benet Gracechurch, city of London, on January 15th 1805.

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