SDB Popularity Ranking: 14952

Last name: Sacchetti

SDB Popularity ranking: 14952

Recorded as Sacco and Sacchetti, this is an Italian and sometimes Hebrew surname of seemingly biblical origins of which it has apparently three. However we believe that as shown below, they may all be linked. Firstly it can be a short form or nickname development of Isacco, itself from the Hebrew name Yitshak, meaning to laugh, and one of a group of surnames which in medieval times took on what would have been thought to be a more rakish or in modern parlance - cool, appearance. Similar names are Bramo from Adami, itself from Adam, and Lacchini from Malachia, with many more besides. Indeed nicknames form probably the largest grouping of surnames. Secondly the name could also be occupational from the Italian word saccioni, and describe a maker of jackets, whilst thirdly it could be from sacco also Italian, and meaning sack cloth. It is possible that in a sense the three are interconnected because of the relationship between textile manufacture and Jewish traders who specialised in such products, where the surname and the product are essentially the same. The earliest recording that we have is that of Antonio Sacco at San Nicol la Strada, Caserta, Italy, on October 24th 1658.

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