SDB Popularity Ranking: 43419

Last name: Schermick

SDB Popularity ranking: 43419

Germanic and Scandinavian surnames commencing ''Sch-'' are amongst the most popular, but very few continue the spelling with -''erm-'', possibly only half a dozen. This surname does not appear to be amongst them. Now it is possible that the ''-erm or -ern'' was introduced in North America as an aid to pronunciation, or as often happened, by uncertain spelling. So perhaps a Schick which seems to be the likeliest name of origin, became a Schermick when entered by some over-worked immigration official on a cold jetty somewhere? Schick and the French ''chic'' mean the same - ''smart'' or ''good'' - and therefore if given as a medieval nickname surname would have described somebody with those characteristics or perhaps not! It is necessary to add a few words of caution. Given the robust humour of those far off times, a nickname could well mean the opposite. Unless a person was present when a nickname was adopted as a surname, - seven hundred years on - it becomes a matter of guesswork. Anglo-Saxon nations which includes the USA, have accepted and continue to accept many immigrants, but they were never good with languages, perhaps because they have imbibed so many? The first known recording as Schick was in the city of Koln (Cologne) in the year 1150 with Albrecht Schik, given as being burgemeister of that city. A Schernick family also referred to as Schermick, were recorded in Dawson City, Montana, in 1887.

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