SDB Popularity Ranking: 45487

Last name: Schruyer

SDB Popularity ranking: 45487

Recorded in a number of spellings including Schriren, Schruyer, Schruyers, Schruyas, Schrir, Schreir, and the Dutch spelling of Schruurs, this is a German surname. It is probably a nickname, and a development of the word "schrier". This describes, or did in the medieval period at the time of the formation of surnames, a "noisy" person. This may have been someone who was professionally "noisy", as for instance a town crier, or it may have referred to a person who was habitually making a scene of some kind! Many surname derive from nicknames, and most nicknames referred to some characteristicof a persons character. People of the Middle Ages in all European countries were quick to apply nicknames. It seems to have been the most popular pastime of the period, and many, perhaps the majority of these nicknames, in time developed into the "modern" surnames. A slight knowledge of the works of Geoffrey Chaucer shows how the rough or robust humour of the times, was used with effect. However spelt this is quite a rare surname, and one not recorded in the standard works on the subject. We have been able to find a number of early examples of the recordings taken from authentic church registers. These include Cunera Schruyer, the son of Henricae Schruyer, christened at Sankt Aldegundin catholic church, Emmerich, Rheinland, on October 11th 1648, Barbara Schreir of Neckarkreis catholic church, on September 23rd 1653, and Peter Schruyers, who married Maria Reyntjes, at Hommersum, Rheinland, on August 17th 1721. The first recording is believed to be that of Barbel Schriren, at Butzweiler, province of Rheinland, Germany, on April 4th 1643.

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