SDB Popularity Ranking: 42959

Last name: Sellack

SDB Popularity ranking: 42959

Recorded in a large number of spellings including:Salack, Sellack, Sellek, Sellick, Sillick, Silix, Sullocke, Zellick and Zelake, this is a surname of several possible national origins. However spelt and from whatever the origin, the meaning as shown below is much the sameIn England it is usually English and locational originating from a place in the county of Herefordshire, on the Welsh Borders called Sellack. First recorded as Lann Suluc in 1150 in the Pipe Rolls of that county and as Selak in 1301, the name derives from the Olde Welsh "lann" meaning a church fused with a second element the personal name Suluc. This is a hypocoristic form of Suliau, the whom the church was dedicated. However both in England on more so on the Continent the name may also derive from the German personal name of great antiquity "Selig" meaning happy or fortunate, or the similar Ashkenasic "Zelik" meaning blessed. Examples of recordings taken from surviving registers in both Germany and England include: Thidericus Seleghe of Greifswald in 1307, Heinrich Sellecke of Reutlingen, in 1482, Hanibal Sellicke, who was christened at St. Margaret's, Westminster, London, on January 20th 1605, whilst on February 1st 1609, Joane Sellick appears in the Marriage Register of St. Sampson's Church, Cornwall. Throughout the centuries surnames in every country have continued to "develop", often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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