SDB Popularity Ranking: 24993

Last name: Senussi

SDB Popularity ranking: 24993

Recorded as Senusi and Senussi, this is a tribal or clan name of North African and Arabic origins. The Senussi were (are) famous warriors, and it is said that as a race they were in effect created by Sidi Mohammed Ibn Ali al Senussi (1787 - 1859), known as the Grand Senussi. The Senussi are regarded as the true followers of the Prophet, and they have always objected to any form of overlordship, whether it be by the Turks and Egyptians or the infidel English, French, Germans but mainly Italians under Mussoline. In both World Wars of the 20th century, they appeared to support each of the warring factions in turn, but effectively, and not surprisingly, they were actually looking after their own interests. Sayid Mohammed Idris (Senussi) became the king of Libya in 1951, as Idris 1st. The order of the Senussi is complicated. It has in effect branches throughout the Muslim region, although its overall power has been greatly reduced since the colonial wars with the Italians between 1920 and 1932, when the Italians decimated the tribe, almost to the point of extinction.

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