SDB Popularity Ranking: 18595

Last name: Sharrard

SDB Popularity ranking: 18595

Recorded in a number of spellings as shown below, this is a medieval English surname. It was originally a nickname and the derivation is from the Olde English pre 7th Century word "scir", meaning bright or fair, to which was added the suffix "hard". This suffix may privide the clue as to the true meaning, as given that the original name holder was fair haired, may suggest that he was an Anglo-Saxon or Viking. These people invaded England and Ireland between the 6th and the 11th centuries, and were definately not popular with the existing English. If so the actual meaning of the surname may be more on the lines of 'The fair haired hard b......'. The early surname development includes recoirdings such as that of Richard Schirard of Staffordshire in 1323; William Sherard also of Staffordshire in 1337, William Sherratt of Cheshire in 1576; and Jane Sharratt in the city of London in 1578. The modern surname can be found in a number of forms, ranging from Sherratt, Sherrett and Sherrott to Sharratt, Sharrard, Sherrard, and Sherred. The marriage between Hugh Sharratt and Mary Beamyshe was recorded at St. Andrew's by the Wardrobe, in the city of London, on the 18th October 1608. The coats of arms most associated with the name depicts two boars passant, gold, and an ermine canton, on a blue shield. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Shirard. This was dated 1298, in the Assize Court Rolls of Staffordshire, during the reign of King Edward 1st, 1272 - 1307. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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