SDB Popularity Ranking: 4972

Last name: Sikora

SDB Popularity ranking: 4972

Recorded in several forms including Sikora, Sikorski and Sikorsky (Polish, Russian and Askenasic) and Sykora (Czech) this is a famous medieval surname. It derives from the word "sikora" meaning a titmouse, and hence was usually a nickname of endearment for a small, dark, person. However the suffix endings of "-ski" and "-sky" are cognate with the German von or the French de, and imply the status of minor nobility or at least estate ownership. We are not aware of any place called "Sikora", but this is possible as a coat of arms was granted in the 18th century to a family called Sikorski in the former German state of Pomerania. The blazon is canting, being that of three small black birds on a silver field. The surname is well recorded in the worlds biographical directories. Examples from these include Wladyslaw Sikorski (1881 - 1943), who defended Warsaw against the Russians in 1920. Later in the Second World War (1939 - 1945), he lead the Free Polish forces based in London, but was killed in an aircrash at Gibraltar in 1943. Another famous nameholder, but this time Russian born, was Igor Sikorsky (1889 - 1972). He was a renowned early aircraft designer, but left Russia after the communist lead revolution of 1917. He went to the USA, where he designed and built the first successful helicopter in 1939.

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