SDB Popularity Ranking: 47188

Last name: Slixby

SDB Popularity ranking: 47188

Recorded as Slisby, Slixby, and possibly others, this is a very rare surname. It is today regarded as English, but strictly speaking it is Danish-Viking, pre 7th century. It is locational and probably originally from the county of Lincolnshire, a region controlled by the Danes for several centuries. Although this is not proven, it may have been from a now 'lost' medieval village on what is called the River Slea, as in the town of Sleaford. This place in the 12th century was recorded as Sliforde. If so Slisby or Slixby may refer to a farm (-bi) which stood on the River Sli. This word 'sli' means slow, and literally described a slow and muddy river, quite appropriate for the River Slea, which is both. Locational surnames were usually 'from' names. That is to say names given to people after they left their original homes to move somewhere else. Spelling being at best erratic and local dialedcts very thick, often lead to the development of 'sounds like' spellings. In this case an early example of a surviving recording is that of Thomas Slisby and his wife Jane, who were christening witnesses at St Anne's Soho, Westminster, on March 10th 1767.

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