SDB Popularity Ranking: 32570

Last name: Spadeck

SDB Popularity ranking: 32570

Recorded in several spelllings and found in most countries of Europe in its different forms, this is an occupational surname. In a sense it is of Ancient Greek origin, in that it derives from the word 'spathe' meaning a broad sword, a two edged weapon without a point. The surname described either a medieval maker of such a weapon or a swordsman who specialised in the use of the broadsword, or perhaps other heavy weapons such as the sabre, from the Russian word 'sablya'. The surname is recorded as Espada in Portugese and Spanish, Spada, Spadari, Spataro and others in Italian, Spade, Spaden in German, Spath in Polish, and Spada in Romanian. Spadeck is a diminutive meaning Little Spade or more realistically son of Spade, and may be Slovenian. Unfortunately we are not able to confirm this at the present time as the surviving recordings available from the former Yugoslavia are non existent in the name. Recordings from former communist countries are generally inaccurate, when they exist at all. We are aware of some Spadeck recordings in the USA, but these are relatively recent (20th century) and do not advance the origin or history. The first known recording in any spelling is that of Reyneke Spade of Reutlingen in Germany, in the year 1392. There are known to have been several coats of arms associated with the surname of which the most definitive is that of Spada of Rome. This has the blazon of a red shield charged with in base three gold swords bendy, and on a blue chief, three gold fleur de lis. It is a canting based upon the meaning (sword), although the chief charged with fleur de lis would indicate victory over the French.

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