SDB Popularity Ranking: 16556

Last name: Stolte

SDB Popularity ranking: 16556

Recorded as Stoltz, Stoltze, Stolze, Sztole, Shtolzer, Stolte, Stoldt, Stolt, Stoltzel, Stolten, Stolting, and possibly others, this is a famous German surname. It derives from the pre 7th century word stolz meaning proud, and according to the World Dictionary of Surnames, was a medieval nickname surname for a person who was considered by his peer group to be autocratic, or possibly, given the robust humour of those far off times, the reverse! However either of these interpretations may well be wrong, because there are a number of coats of arms from Germany, which suggest that not only does the name mean autocratic, but in fact the nameholders were aristocrats. One of the earliest of the arms, indeed possibly the earliest being Stoltz of Silesia, has the simple but unusual blazon of a silver field, charged with four iron ingots, placed one in each quarter, whilst the arms of Stoltz de Buckenheim has the blazon of three silver battle hammers, on a red field. Perhaps the earliest recording of the surname is that of Richolfus Stolz of Regensburg in the year 1150, whilst Johannes Stolte of Lubbeck is recorded there in i332

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