SDB Popularity Ranking: 25897

Last name: Surguine

SDB Popularity ranking: 25897

This is a very interesting surname and one we believe goes back to the very beginnings of written records anywhere in the world. In one form or another it has existed since at least the 13th century (see below), and over that long period has undergone almost complete spelling changes. The final example probably being in North America around 1750 - 1850. Certainly if we are right It is of early French origins the first spelling being as 'chirurgeon', although in England where the first recordings are to be found, it was quickly changed to Surgien as in the recording of Robert le Surgien in the tax roles of the county of Cambridge in 1273. Thereafter examples include Surgeon and Surgen occuring in the same family recording (!) in the year 1541, as Surgion in the 17th century and finally as Surgeon, being the accepted spelling for the last two hundred years. In North America it could be said that the Immigration Era started with the first settlers in 1607, and continued until1914. What is certain is that for most of that time there was little public education anywhere, and as people moved around they were often given 'sounds like' surname spellings by the Immigation officials. In this case we feel that somewhere in the USA is a family whose family history if traced, will show where Surguine is first recorded. An interesting variation is found in the township of Surgoinsville, Tennessee. This was incorporated in 1815 and named after one James Surguine. That the spelling of the town is different to the sponsor, suggests that the official responsible either could not spell, or may have decided that his spelling looked nearer the real thing! Finally a surgeon spent most of his time as the local barber, but when required did a bit of blood 'letting' on the side. The first recording is probably that of Thomas le Surgien, in the Assize Court rolls of Essex in 1255, during the reign of King Henry 1V of England.

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