SDB Popularity Ranking: 19017

Last name: Teck

SDB Popularity ranking: 19017

This is a surname of German origins much associated with Queen Mary of England (1867 - 1953), who was known as Mary of Teck. This is a hereditary name as she was British, being born at Kensington Palace in London. However upto 1917 when it seemed that Germany may well win the First World War, the royal family retained their German surnames, of which this was one. Recorded as von Teck, der Teck, Tecklenburg, Deck, Decke, Decker, Teck, Tecker and others, the name is either locational from the former principality of Teck, or it may be job descriptive for a maker of blankets and rugs from the word 'tech' meaning 'comfort'. The locational meaning of the name is obscure, but it may translate as a comfortable or pleasant place. Locational surnames were often status names, particularly in Germany, and were given to the local lord of the manor and his descendants. The alternative was as an easy means of identification for people who had moved away from their original homes, and were called after them. In this case early examples of the surname recording include Raum von der Teck in the charters of Eblingen in 1323, Burklin der Decke in the same city in 1390, and Christoph Tecklenburg of Droste in Westfalen in 1538.

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