SDB Popularity Ranking: 15739

Last name: Thaxton

SDB Popularity ranking: 15739

This is an English surname. Recorded in many forms including Thaxton, Thackston, Texton, Thexton, Theakston, Theakson, and many others, it is locational. It derives from the village of Theakston, population 64, three miles south east of Bedale, in North Yorkshire. The village name is first recorded in Domesday Book as "Eston," although this is clearly a mistaken form, as all other spellings from thereon refer to either Thekeston or Textone. Interestingly both these spellings were later to appear as surnames, although gradually by the 18th century, the modern form of Theakston had superseded most other spellings. Assuming that "Thekeston" first found in recordings in 1157 a.d. is correct, the name means "The farm (tun) of Teodec" the latter being an Olde English baptismal and pagan name, which may have derived from "teag" - an enclosure. All names have to start somewhere, and in many cases the name would describe a local object of some prominence. However truthfully nobody knows for certain, they can only make inspired guesses. What is reasonably certain is that around the mid 16th century, many inhabitants left the former village, taking as their surname the name of their village. Not being educated they guessed at the spelling, which in itself created many forms. Examples include Agnes Theackstone, recorded in Pateley Bridge in 1587, Georgius Thekstone of Ripon in 1589, however William Theakston who lived close by at Bedale, got it right on April 16th 1594. Other examples were Anne Texton of Goldsborough in 1677, Robert Thakstone of Clapham in 1692, and Ann Thexton, who married Edward Grat at Gilling, Helmsley, on November 9th 1736. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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