SDB Popularity Ranking: 29556

Last name: Thorius

SDB Popularity ranking: 29556

Recorded in many forms including Thor, Thormann, Thorwarth, Dohr, Dorhmann, Dohrwarth and Dorwart (German), Amdohr, Amthor (Flemish) Thor, Thorl, and Dorl (Scandanavian), and diminutives and patronymics such as Thors, Thorius, Thoreson, Thuresson, and Thorsen, this is a surname of either Scandanavian or German origins. If German it is residential for a person who lived by the gate of a town, or more likely it was occupational for the city guard or gatekeeper. Its derivation is from the ancient pre 7th centuryt word "tor" meaning a gate. If Scandanavian then we are into ancient mythogy, the derivation being from the the old Norse word "Porr" meaning the god of thunder, and found in the word Thursday or Thor's day. Early examples of the surname recording taken from early surving rolls, charters and registers include: Hans Thor von Thorlin, Germany, in 1165, Heinrich Tore of Sennheim in 1295, Contz der Dor of Leonberg in 1381. Over the centuries surnames have continued to develop as languages and accents change. This is a continuing process even in the 20th century, and particularly so as more people move to different countries and different continents.

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