SDB Popularity Ranking: 40133

Last name: Tregiddo

SDB Popularity ranking: 40133

Recorded in several spellings including Tregidgo, Tregidga, Tregido, Tregiddo, and others, this is a Cornish surname. It is locational from a place in Mid Cornwall called Tregida Creed, and formerly in 1332 spelt as Tregrisiou. It is said that translates as 'The house with the kennels' from the Olde Cornish 'tre-ky-chyow', and may have been a hunting lodge or similar. Cornwall is often bracketed with Brittany in France, as well as Wales and parts of Scotland, as essentially Celtic rather than Gaelic or Anglo-Saxon. However one of the defining curiosities of Cornish surnames is that they tend to be locational, the opposite to other Celtic regions which tend to be patronymics. Indeed in Wales just across the Bristol Channel, almost all surnames are patronymics and include such popular forms as Jones, Williams and Griffiths. Early examples of this surname taken from surviving church registers of Cornwall include Nicholas Tregidgeo at Gorran on February 9th 1616, and Mary Tregido a century later, who was christened on December 28th 1713, at Cuby with Tregony.

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