SDB Popularity Ranking: 19811

Last name: Trunks

SDB Popularity ranking: 19811

Recorded as Trinke, Trunk, Trunke, Trunks, Trunkes, Trunck (England) and Trank, Trankel, Trunk, Trunkle (Germany), this a surname we believe of Germanic origins. We say this with caution, but the first reference that we have been able to conclusively prove is that of Wenzel Trunkiln of Dieburg, Germany, in the year 1334, whilst in England the first that again we can conclusively prove would seem to be that of Christopher Trunk and his wife Ann. They were christening witnesses at the famous refugee church of St Dunstans in the East, Stepney, on May 29th 1676. St Dunstans was famous for being the church of lost souls, although it was not a Huguenot church as such. The name would seem to be locational, to derive from 'trank' and mean to drink. Whilst the name may have been a nickname and have described somebody who enjoyed more than a drop, it is more likely that it was occupational for a brewer, or at least a supplier of clean drink, even water, at a time when it was difficult to find pure liquid. Occupational surnames were usually amongst the first to be created. However they usually only became hereditary when a son or sometimes a grandson, followed the father into the same line of business.

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