SDB Popularity Ranking: 34636

Last name: Vaadeland

SDB Popularity ranking: 34636

This surname has over twenty spellings ranging from Vaderland, Vaadeland, Vadeland to Valderland, Vaaadeland and Vadelande. It is safe to say that almost every combination of letters in the name has been used. It is Dutch in origin and derives from the words vader or fater meaning father, and the suffix ''-land'', hence ''Father''s land.'' This probably was semi-religious to refer to land owned by a member of the church, or perhaps to a leader of the local village who was known as the father of his flock. The name also suggests that probably there was place called Vaderland or similar spelling but if so we have not been able to locate it. Curiously there is a Vaderland in Florida USA, and there was a steamship called the SS Vaderland of Antwerp, Netherlands. In 1880 this ship brought emigrants from Germany, Holland and England to New York, although none of the passengers was called Vaderland/Vaadeland etc. Vader as a surname is well recorded in the registers of the Netherlands that we consulted - from the early 18th century. A good example is that of Arten Vader and his wife Grietje at Calantsoorg, Noord Holland, on April 30th 1702. We expected that as a result we would find examples of Vaderland in The Netherlands in at least one of the twenty plus spellings, but without success. This is unusual, but not by no means unique. It may be that the name is very localised to one small area of the country, and has not been picked up by research. It is also likely that many of the spellings were never to be found in The Netherlands at all - but only in North America.

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