Van Rembrandt

SDB Popularity Ranking: 35814

Last name: Van Rembrandt

SDB Popularity ranking: 35814

Recorded in Flanders, The Netherlands and Germany as Rembrant and Van Rembrandt and in Britain as Remblant and Remnant, this unusual surname is of pre 7th century early German origins. According to the famous Victorian etymologist, Canon Charles Bardsley, the "English" spellings are 17th century. This is certainly possible or even probable, as many protestant refugees from Northern Germany and the Low Countries, fled the continent to avoid persecution at about the time when this surname was apparently first recorded in England. Assuming that this origin is correct, the derivation is from the early personal name "Ragin-brand" which translates loosely as "Counsel-sword", although it may originally have had a quite different meaning. The very first recording of Rembrant is believed to be that of Ludeke Reymbertes, in the rolls and charters of the city of Hannover, Germany, in the year 1393, whilst the famous artist was buried in 1669 as Rembrandt van Rhyn of Leyden. The "English" recordings include in 1620 Anthony Remnante, who married Catherine Drewe at the church of St Mary Aldermary, and Edward Remnant, who married Elisabeth Maskell at St. George's chapel, Hanover Square, Westminster, in 1800. This later wedding was during the reign of King George 111, known as "Farmer George", 1760 - 1820.

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