SDB Popularity Ranking: 19919

Last name: Varden

SDB Popularity ranking: 19919

Recorded as Vardon, Varden, Verden, Verdon, Verduin, Verdun, and possibly others, this surname can be described as usually English, but wherever recorded, is ultimately of pre medieval French origins. It is locational from either the ancient city of Verdun in eastern France, the scene over the centuries of much warfare and the famous seige of 1916 - 1917, or from Verdun in La Manche. In England Bertrannus de Verduno of Berkshire was recorded in the famous geographical survey of England in 1086 and known to history as the Domesday Book. He was a close companion of Duke William of Normandy, the future William 1st of England, and was rewarded with grants of several estates in Berkshire and elsewhere. He was probably related to Ive de Verdun, recorded in the registers of the abby of Holme, Norfolk, in 1107, or indeed to William de Verduin of Leicester in the Curia Regis rolls of 1196. It is possible that most of the present nameholders originate from Bertrannus or his offspring. However as Vardon or Varden even as late as the 18th century there were a number of Huguenot refugees of the name from France. These include Nicholas Vardon recorded at the French Church, known as "The Artillery" in the city of London, on April 5th 1761.

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