SDB Popularity Ranking: 4023

Last name: Walkinshaw

SDB Popularity ranking: 4023

Recorded as Walkinshaw and Walkingshaw, this is a surname of ancient and noble Scottish origins. It is locational from an estate called 'The lands of Walkinshaw' in the county of Renfrewshire. The original name holders and their successors, hold the title of 'Walkinshaw of that Ilk', and it is said they were descended from Duugallas filius Cristini, a judge-cleric appointed by the earl of Levenax. This man in 1235 entered into an agreement wherby he exchanged his lands at Cnoc, for those of Walkinshaw, and later adopted the name. The Walkinshaws became the hereditary foresters to the High Stewards of Scotland, the later Stuart Monarchy, and have as their armourial supporters to their coat of arms 'two foresters in long gowns'. As to why a forester should wear such an unsuitable attire has never been explained. To show how the surname aquired variant spellings we have the recording in Glasgow in 1561 of one Robert Walkyngschawe, a witness in the Crown Court, whilst Constantine Walkinscaw appears in the register of the same court one year later. Maria Walkinshaw was a mistress to the 'never to be crowned' James 111rd of England & Scotland. He was the son of King James 11nd, defeated by William of Orange at the battle of the Boyne in 1690. Unfortunately the behaviour of the frustrated would be monarch became so vile that she 'was obliged to leave him.' His son was Bonny Prince Charlie, who also had in many ways, a wholly unfulfilled life.

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