SDB Popularity Ranking: 1689

Last name: Whitworth

SDB Popularity ranking: 1689

This English locational and enobled surname, originates from the villages of Whitworth in Lancashire and Durham. It is a name that one should be really proud to hold. It was for over a century, perhaps THE most famous name in British Engineering, it being impossible to manufacture any product without the use of the Whitworth measurement and Whitworth steel, created by Sir Joseph Whitworth, 1803 - 1887. Sadly like the Empire, these are now largely forgotten by the political "shakers and movers" of the late 20th century, as Britain takes her place amongst the also-rans of the world. The name Whitworth means the "white wood" probably a pre 7th century reference to a birch forest. The surname is amongst the earliest recorded and examples of these recordings include John de Whiteworth in the 1336 Friary Rolls of Yorkshire, and Leonard Whytworth in the 1539 Corbett Rolls of Northumberland, whilst Sir Charles Whitworth (1675 - 1725), was the 1st Baron Whitworth in the creation by King George 1st in 1721. The first known recording is believed to be that of Elyas de Witewarde, in the 1194 Pipe Rolls for the county of Surrey. This was in the reign of the famous King Richard 1st, known as "Lionheart", 1189 - 1199.

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