SDB Popularity Ranking: 9263

Last name: Wilber

SDB Popularity ranking: 9263

Recorded in several spellings including Wildbore, Wildboar, Wildboer, Wyldbore, Wilber, Wilbor, and probably others, this is an English surname. It is of pre 7th century origins, and was originally a personal name "Wyld-bar"and does translate literally as - wild boar. This however did not refer to a persons attributes or lack of them, but was given in the period of history known as The Dark Ages, as a baptismal name of affection. The wild boar being held in high regard for its strength and ferocity, as was recognized in that it was one of the earliest of the heraldic charges which appeared officially upon a knights armour from about the year 1190. The name both as a personal name and later a surname seems to have been quite specific to the north country of England and particularly the counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire. This is quite appropriate given the long tradition of civil wars between the houses (families) of York and Lancaster. The first know recording is believed to be that of William Wyldbar, recorded in the Assize Court rolls of Lancashire in 1246. Another early recording and clearly one that is not related, is that of William Wyldbore in the register of the manor of Wakefield, Yorkshire, in 1307. Finally we have John Wylbor who may or may not have been related to William. He was recorded in the highly unpopular Poll Tax register for Yorkshire in 1379, although his address is not known.

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