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Last name: Wynrehame

SDB Popularity ranking: 47400

Recorded in various spellings including Winram, Windram, and Wynrahame, this is an ancient Scottish locational surname. It originates from a place called Wynrahame, of which the site is not known. The translation of the placename and hence the later surname is probably "The White House", from the pre 7th century Olde Celtic or Welsh word "winn" meaning white and "hame", a house or home. What is known is that a family called Wynrahame or Wynrehame, the spellings vary, held the barony of Wiston in Clydesdale in 1479, even though George Wynrahame, believed to be of that place, was summoned in that year to appear before the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. There were various charges against him including treason and piracy, although he seems to have escaped capital punishment! Certainly as late as 1659 James Wynrahame was recorded as being the master of Wistoun, so clearly the family held their possessions for several centuries. Other nameholders seem to have adopted a short form of the original name. These early recordings include: John Winram, given as being a sub-prior at the abbey of St Andrews, Fife, in about 1550, whilst Robert Winram was a burgess of Dunfermline in 1605. Thomas Windrame was killed at the battle of Killicrankie in 1689, whilst in 1740 William Windram was recorded at Coupar in Angus.

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